Saturday, April 9, 2011


in my 1st post about MK-ULTRA's discography 2 x 12" I wrote that "the long awaited MK-ULTRA discography 2 x 12" on YOUTH ATTACK has finally seen the light of day! having been announced for ages I started to doubt that it really would be released but fortunately I was wrong and so you've a chance to get your fix of MK-ULTRA without paying a small fortune on ebay for the org. wax. in my opinion they never got the attention they'd have deserved while they were alive and kicking. most people only referred to MK-ULTRA as "the other band of CHARLES BRONSON's drummer Ebro" (who actually not even was the original drummer) which was/is far from doing them justice and in case you don't believe I suggest you buy their discography, which delivers 55 tracks of brilliant, fierce and angry FASTCORE / POWER VIOLENCE / whatever and hear for yourself." but I didn't upload the mp3s back then since it had just been released. after the 1st pressing on white vinyl there were 2 more pressings on clear vinyl. as all 3 pressings are sold out since a while I thought the time would be right to write a 2nd post about it including the mp3s. I also scanned the booklet that came with it which contains the lyrics, band-pics, some artwork and a lot of old fliers. my copy was a present from MK-ULTRA's bassist Kirk (thanks again!) and included a poster of the re-union show they did in 2009 too. unfortunately the booklet comes in a strange size (from an European point of view) so I had to trick my scanner into scanning the complete pages and therefore the quality isn't really brilliant. the booklet also blew up the size of the archive a little bit too much for my taste so I split up the thing in 2 parts. as the MK-ULTRA discography came with a download code for a digital version of the 2 x 12" plus an extra live-cut from 1995 as bonus I just used those mp3s. the password is mean.

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