Friday, April 15, 2011


as the split 7" that SEA OF SHIT share with SOCIALLY RETARDED has been posted on more than one blog when it was released, you probably may have already downloaded said 7" from another blog. in case you ask yourself now why I decided to post it here ages after it has been posted on all those other blogs? let me tell you that every mp3 rip I found till now came from the same source: the bands! they sent mp3s to some blogs and asked if they would be posted to spread the word about the split. well, even though those mp3s came from the bands themselves they were only ripped with 128 k/bits if I'm not mistaken and didn't contain more artwork then the cover if they contained any artwork at all. not to forget the simple truth that this split 7" is a total monster! vicious, spiteful and brutal HARDCORE that's heavily influenced by what's called POWER ELECTRONICS or (HARSH)NOISE or whatever (I call it annoying e.g.) these days and SOCIALLY RETARDED are even going as far as throwing in a NOISE track on their side for good measure. as POWER ELECTRONICS,(HARSH)NOISE, etc.isn't my cup of coffee I could do without it even though I like it's influence. I admit it's not so annoying in this case as they keep it raher short! although I really dig SOCIALLY RETARDED's 4 other tracks in my ears the real gold on this disk, which is ltd. to 300 copies, are the 3 SEA OF SHIT tracks cause of their ugliness and their brutality but most of all cause they sound like played by people that really feel nothing but disgust when they take a look around. the artwork of the (screen-printed) cover as well as the inlay strengthen that impression and after a look on the lyrics (of both bands) an impression becomes a fact. seems like Chicago, the city that spawned both bands, really "makes you want to kill people" as SICK/TIRED said in an interview. well, either that or there's just something in the water. click the cover above to download. the password for both is mean!
on a side-note: I also upped SEA OF SHIT's TOUR-CASSETTE which contains 2 tracks called SEA OF SHIT Pt. I & II. of which the 1st appears on their split 7" in a re-recorded version too while the 2nd part is a 7:27 min. NOISE piece done by 2 guys called Omar Gonzales and Adam Jennings I could live without plus their 6 track demo from 2009 and the track that appeared on the 100 IN 10 comp. 12". I most likely downloaded both from the branch of the TO LIVE A LIE empire that's known as NETLABEL and which you can download by clicking on the last picture that shows the SEA OF SHIT patch that came with my copy of their split 7" with SOCIALLY RETARDED b.t.w.!

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