Wednesday, September 26, 2007


when I was surfing through myspace looking for new bands or new releases by bands I already know the idea for this comp. hit me! 43 songs by bands like PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING, DÖDSDÖMD, ANb, PHOBIA, WALKTHE PLANK, SLIGHT SLAPPERS, SPLITTER, NASHGUL, WEEKEND NACHOS,... all the songs are from each of the bands myspace sides, some are of not yet released stuff so it mightbe interesting! as a kind ofbonus I´ve included the WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET 7" from VOORHEES that I took from their myspace side too!
DivShare File - bloodstains across myspace.rar


  1. Pretty good idea and very helpful for those of us who are not members/users of myspace. Thanks.

  2. Hallo nachbar
    This surly a good idea, thanx.
    And it finally made me leave a comment

    IJS (from Holland)
    ( )