Friday, September 28, 2007


NO I´m NOT INTO FUCKING HARDROCK [I EVEN HATE AC/DC!]!!!!!!! I was working there! what you don´t know about me is that I sometimes work for the press [takeing photos, shooting videoclips...] and last night I had to take pics from bonfire and shoot a videoclip from an aftershow interview!] somebody wrote a comment about the EUROPE pic on the KENT BROCKMAN/MASSICK split 9" cover and how long he hasn´t seen that pic... I saw dozends of clones that looked like they had jumped straight out of that pic last night and I survived... and had a new idea! when my pics and clips are good enough for the press... as I wanted to do a new zine anyway... WHY NOT DO A VIDEOZINE? so besides my contribution to MR.Burgher´s zinearchive you might see more shit from me soon!

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