Wednesday, September 26, 2007


one of the best records to come out of NYC and one of my all time faves - ALONE IN A CROWD's 4 song 7" on FLUX. I think I bought this 7" ca. 15 years ago but listening to WHEN TIGERS FIGHT still sends shivers down my spine! if I'd still be kickboxing this would be my song for marching to the ring! the lyrics in combination with Jules, who was also singing in SIDE BY SIDE, voice makes me want to hurt people! this song is AGGRESSION pressed on vinyl! click the cover to download!

edit: I found a rip of the CD re-issue on the web and included the tracks that weren't on the 7"!


  1. hey pope

    could you re-up this to mediafire?
    in return i'll give you some downloads from local canadian bands.

  2. here's as promised:

    High Jinks - s/t 7"

    Hominid/War Hero - split 7"

  3. Pieter, thanks a lot for those links! really appreciated!

    b.t.w. if I'm not mistaken you are the 1st who was cool enough to offer sending me some rips in return for a re-up!

  4. No problem!
    I'll try and get some lyrics for you A.S.A.P

  5. Here are the lyrics and artwork:

  6. And if you don't mind, check out my band

  7. d/led your demo and will give it a spin within the next days!

    oh, and I just ordered the WAR HERO / HOMINID - split 7" you ripped for me! great split!

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  9. Awesome dude!

    Tommy from War Hero is putting out a tape comp. called compilEHHHtion soon, with some powerviolence/hardcore bands from western canada.

    if your interested, i believe there are only going to be 200 copies.