Thursday, September 27, 2007


out of all the straight edge bands of the late 80's, SIDE BY SIDE seems to be one of the most underrated. they're not as popular as GORILLA BISCUITS, as influential as YOUTH OF TODAY, or as musically advanced as BOLD, but nonetheless YOU`RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE is a powerful album and made get a MY LIFE TO LIVE tattoo over my belly! [no, I was never straight - more the opposite]
I found the included cover on the net - that means the tracklist is wrong!


  1. wht do you expect from lost and found are they bootleggers or not i dont like what they do from what i can tell plus i have heard from bands saying they were ripped off then i hear about new bands signing deals with them so i am confused what l&f is
    oh well
    thanks for the music i see you uploaded the 22 song reissue lp the 7'' is only 7 songs
    ray ss

  2. Hey man, thanks alot for this upload. haven't heard this album in ages. great job on the site too. thanks again!!