Friday, September 28, 2007


here we have germany´s INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL - now guess what to expect musicwise from a band that´s named after an old NAPALM DEATH song?


  1. I saw them live once, it was a killer.
    Could YOu write me ( what materials consist this zipped folder? is it the first EP + winter in my mind EP??
    thx alot

  2. yeeah! ORCSSSSS!!!!
    Have you got something from guided cradle?
    I'm in love with your first releases of jap...please post also some japcore!
    thanx a lot for what u do!

  3. @ anonymous: nope I´m sorry I don´t have anything from GUIDED CRADLE! and I don´t understand the rest of your comment as there´re lots of japcore postings on my blog as I´m really into japcore, so... do you mean I should post more japcore? AMEN!

  4. you are right, I found many posts of japcore in june/july section but recently u are uploading lesser..
    anyway I don't want to disturb you, it's incredible how much music you share everyday...
    PS I saw in your "top music list" you like Impaled N. ... have you listen to their split with driller killer?
    1_Driller Killer - Ghettoblaster
    2_Driller Killer - How come
    3_Impaled Nazarene - I couldn`t care less
    4_Impaled Nazarene - Impotent mankind.mp3

    ...great stuff...

  5. I´ve got the split, too...yes, it rocks! AMEN!

  6. was just wondering what these songs were taken from, like what releases????