Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ok, another exception to the rule that says I just post records that are out of print or that I at least believe to be out of print. you still can get the SCAB / WALRORA split 7" from EL PASO RECORDS but as they are both Kiwibands and it was also released on a New Zealand based label you can't find it anywhere in Europe and I think not that many made it to the U.S. either I asked Carlos for his permission to post it here. 2 tracks from SCAB and 2 tracks from WALRORA is what you'll find here. SCAB is one of the many bands that feature Sam from SHORTLIVED & ROGERNOMIX and they play a fast, vicious & metallic brand of HARDCORE. b.t.w. they've released a really good 12" too. WALRORA aren't that much different to SCAB music-wise. nevertheless they are a little bit slower and sound a little bit more... let's say apocalyptic. anyway, check it out! click the pic below to d/l.
edit: I've just been told that WALRORA are from Australia.


  1. Hey Pope, Walrora are Australian!!!

  2. I stand corrected! just curious is it an insult to call an Aussie a Kiwi or vice versa?

  3. HAHA, yeah it is an insult!! Fucking Aussie scum.