Saturday, October 10, 2009


BROKEN NEEDLE started back in 2001 with the dissolve of LIFE'S HALT. Charlie had some songs written and presented them to Todd and Ryan. rehearsing with Eric Butterworth on drums and Jon Westbrook of LIFE'S HALT & KNIFE FIGHT on 2nd guitar, we put together about 6 songs. after their 1st drummer quit they picked up Gearbox on drums who used to be in TOTAL CHAOS before. in late 2002/ early 2003 they played our first couple of shows. during this time, we recorded an 8 song demo for an upcoming 7'' on LENGUA ARMADA REC. that didn't make it till today and therefore was released as a CD-R if I'm not mistaken.

on a side-note: there aren't any tags as far as the names of the tracks are concerned cause my lyric-sheet is so badly xeroxed I can't read the lyrics nor the track numbers properly!


  1. Life's Halt is so awesome, I bet I'll dig this a lot. I get to see Bane again on the 14th, I'm so fucking excited. I'm going to stage dive and step on head so many heads it's not funny.

  2. I found a 12" that these guys did at my local record shop. It's not the best thing I've ever heard, but still worth checking out.