Friday, October 16, 2009


Brian H. is back on the map and delivered some goodies for you... Hey, just wanted to send you a couple demos. first is a new d-beat hc band from Cincinnati. they started last winter after the bassist hank got kicked out of BRODY'S MILITIA. here's a link to their demo with complete scans and a review i found on a blog: FUCKED FOR LIFE are thrashing 5 piece d-beat hardcore from Cincinnasty. Hank of BRODY'S MILITIA on bass. Really tight bashing, gruff vox, and fantastic drumming. Their tightness and bad attitude remind me of early POISON IDEA but with a prominent scandi sound in there. Certainly FUCKED FOR LIFE have no influences beyond 1985 which may be before some of these maniacs were born!! Can I borrow your time machine? Songs are about hating life, getting fucked up, distortion, and getting fucked up, in that order. This tape had me making fists at cyclists from my car. Fuck bicycles! "Distortion & Death" is their anthem, simultaneously catchy and neck-breaking. SIKKKKKK! The last song "Down the Hatch" is a mid tempo rocker with a killer riff akin to "Detroit Rock City" by KISS but played with a hatred for non-alcoholic beverages. Being familiar with the FUCKED FOR LIFE live wall of distort, this demo seemed a little quiet but its not like i didn't love it and I'm ready for more. If you like wrecking ball hardcore punk, check out FUCKED FOR LIFE, they are one of the best bands in Ohio.

second is both demos from VILE GASH, pissed off hardcore from Columbus Ohio with Dennis from SOLAR FUNERAL and BLACK DOVE. both of these demo's are ridiculously short and I'm not aware of any sites or myspace pages for these guys.


  1. Cincinatti is a shithole of a city. No wonder the music from there rules.

  2. Vile Gash played the mk-ultra pre-show. They were really good.

  3. sick n noisy! :) Fucked for Life is a bit better....thanks
    i got some vinyls from Solar Funeral, the Awakening discog lp and Dismal's 7". i like Black Dove but because of my financial recession i didn't buy the lp

    i can't understand the meaning of deleting old comments:i m talking about an old discussion in a blog (we both wrote some things there) when they used your Vae Victis lp rip and scans. this page was stored in my browser and accidentally entered there and i saw zero comments.....
    anyway, fuck it. its Saturday night, lets have some booze.

  4. vile gash is something else
    ray ss

  5. Want to trade links?

  6. sounds great..thx
    keep up your great (unholy) work benedickt!!!