Monday, November 24, 2008


the DISCLOSE / HAKUCHI split 12" is an all Japanese thing once again. one doesn't have to be a genius to predict what a band with the name DISCLOSE and ONCE THE WAR STARTED as a title on their side of the split 12" will sound like! in case you don't know DISCLOSE yet, you probably think they're just another DISCHARGE clone? if so, let me tell you: you're wrong! they are not another DISCHARGE clone - they are the DISCHARGE clone! the one and only DISCHARGE clone you need! the tracks on this record here were released on their 1st 7" before (5oo made) and are re-issued here together with HAKUCHI's 3rd demo I think. HAKUCHI are a pre-AGE band and music-wise they aren't so far apart from each other - mostly mid-paced CRUST with a metal edge!

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