Friday, November 21, 2008


as blogger tried to get on my nerves by not doing what I told them to do I deleted the original GOMORRHA post as I had it re-upped, including the artwork this time anyway so here you go GOMORRHA - brutal old school GRIND with 2 singers [guess what? one growls, one screams] from Germany! this is the AS GOOD AS DEAD CD which includes the songs from the split 7" with TUMULT [sound is way better than on the 7"] but lacks the songs from their split 7" with HELLCHILD and their track from the SEED OF THE NEW SEASON comp. 12"! the cover above is the CD cover the cover on the right side is the 12" cover!


  1. I've got a 12" of theirs that Hater Of God Recs put out. I think it might be a discography(?) but I'm not sure. It has yet another cover design.

    Thanks for these rips... they sound great!

  2. I got that 12", too. yup it's their discography - that means the tracks here + 3 from the split with HELLCHILD and 1 from the THE SEED OF THE NEXT SEASON comp 12".
    that 12" on H.O.G. Rec. has awesome artwork!

  3. can you re upload this ?? thanks :D