Saturday, November 29, 2008


Anyone who hasn't heard SHANK yet, hasn't heard truly lip-splitting power violence. This 12" is on the semi-discography CD the "THE CURSE OF SHANK." (Actually the "curse of SHANK" is an inside joke about how everything associated with the band falls apart) SHANK is one of those select bands that was not part of the first-wave of POWER VIOLENCE, but is good enough that they sound like they were. Besides, when a band is this willing to use their intellect as well as their instruments, they deserve praise. The bountiful liner notes in the lyric booklet (called a "User's Manual") explain each track and are the main reason I posted the 12" even though all music was posted here before!

SHANK's semi-discography THE CURSE OF SHANK was re-upped! click on the cover!


  1. das coded messages album ist echt bombe.
    finde es wie schon gesagt jedesmal klasse,wenn bei releases den songs erklärungen beiliegen!

  2. Oh aye, and check Nation of Finks as well!

  3. @ Carlin:
    thanks for stopping by! where can I check out NATION OF FINKS? I think I read that name in an issue of MRR?

    @ Chris:
    yup, da hast du recht! ist vor allem auch n beweis, dass der schreiber der texte sich auch was beim verfassen selbiger gedacht hat od. des gegenteils je nachdem...

  4. Finks (two members of Shank) had two seven inches. The first came out on Out of Limits and the second was on Kangaroo. I think I digitised them a few years ago, I will check my pc at home and shoot you an email if I find them.

  5. great post hwo do you make pictures of 12'' inserts and covers if the scanner is too small
    i imagine a digital camera, i am gonna get a digital camera if i can find one cheap enough on ebay or used stores(pawn shops in america)

  6. I don't use a digital cam. I scan the cover piece by piece and the cut & paste it together.