Wednesday, November 5, 2008


if you don't know the THE RITES yet, you missed a really brilliant fast, furious and pissed off as fuck band! I'm not talking about fast like in POWERVIOLENCE I'm talking about fast like in old-school HARDCORE! this is their THERE SHALL BE NO ENCORE one-sided live 12" which I choose to post cause it's their only record I'm quite sure it's out of print and even if not I wouldn't care as one-sided records with screenprinted non-music sides are nice to look at but besides the nice look they are in most cases not really what I'd call value for money. this 12" has 15 songs on the music side and as they always play 3 or 4 tracks in a row I kept it that way when I ripped it! I might ad that their singer plays drums in TEAR IT UP!

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