Friday, November 21, 2008


TUMULT a.k.a. Germany's kings of KUNG FU HARDCORE were re-upped! hm, as Kung Fu translates to hard work I guess that fits!


  1. Wenn das mal keine geile Band ist !!
    Ein Klassiker ! Leider waren sie nicht so produktiv wie Agathocles haha.
    Ich habe noch ihr Demo, allerdings ohne Artwork und Tracklist.

  2. Thanks a lot for this one! Must have been a hell of a job editing all the tracks seperately. I have the bloodshed one original, but my recordplayer broke down so this is great! But why-o-why do you allways use capitals in the naming of the files?
    One totally different question: in the good old hometaping years a friend of mine had a tape of the first catharsis album, and the last track was that whole album being played in reverse in one go. Any idea if that was originally so? Still looking for their demo tape also, found one on a blog but that wasn't the real deal except the artwork.

    Thanks for all!

  3. btw... do you have the Gomorrha side too of that split?

  4. @ Count:

    THANKS for the demo!

    @ tsjuster:

    why I use caps? cause when I burn cds from the files to listen to it in my car my cd player will show the track infos in caps, too.
    it's easier to read something while driving that way!

    what you believe to be the 1st CATHARSIS full-length isn't their 1st album! it's their demo, their 7" and some comp. tracks re-issued on cd.
    the backward playing songs were the bonus on that cd, which is called Eponymous b.t.w., and probably came from their singer's habit of listening to music played backwards to get new ideas for his songwriting.

    I've the org. demo but the sound on my tape suffered over the years and so the quality of the tracks is way better on the cd

    the GOMORRHA tracks are on the AS GOOD AS DEAD cd. I didn't rip those from the split 7" cause the quality really sucks compared to TUMULT.

  5. Thanks a lot Papst! When i saw the Gomorrha cd here i found the artwork to be very familiar and after looking in my collection i had the real thing in my hands (rhetoric cd issue)

    I haven't listened to most 90's stuff for years and your blog triggered a big revival in me and takes me back to a good time. Thanks a lot for all!

    Hope to see some Mörser or related someday or a german band i only remember by name (Akira)that changed there name, but i completely forgot.

    Thanks man!

  6. @ tsjuster:

    no big deal, glad I could help you!
    if you can take a look at GOMORRHA's discography 12" on HATER OF GOD rec. - it has really great artwork!

    if you're looking for MÖRSER do a blog search here and you should be able to locate "some"!

    SICK SOCIETY changed their name to AKIRA after their Germany/Austria tour with LOXIRAN and as far as I know they split up a short time after that (word on the street was they split cause their singer joined the army, don't know if that's true).
    we put up a show here and as the next day was new year's eve they stayed with us. but while the LOXIRAN guys were having fun with us the AKIRA guys seemed to have problems with our kind of humor and, while being friendly, seemed to feel not really comfortable!

    thanks for stopping by!


  7. Hab ich Samstag als second hand gekauft. coole platte.