Monday, March 9, 2009


a.k.a. Inglewood the home of DESPISE YOU and also the home of FINAL DRAFT which play an amazing brand of GRINDCORE and left me with a dropped jaw after I had played this 7" for the 1st time! the 3 vatos rush trough the 9 tracks, that include a cover of , you guessed it DESPISE YOU and some cool HIP HOP interludes (what else if you're from Inglewood?), like there's no tomorrow. this 7" is another future classic released by 625 THRASH! click on the cover to download!


  1. Eine der Platten die als ich sie bekommen habe auch uppen wollte, es aber nicht getan habe weil sie mir zu neu erschien.
    Kannst aber die Tage mit den anderen Final Draft Platten bei uns rechnen...
    Aber in meinen Ohren ist das absolut kein Grindcore...
    Nette Typen: Haben mir deren T-Shirt fast geschenkt!

    Ps. Bekommst noch Email-Antwort von mir... ;-)

  2. Those teenage cholos love their grindcore, let me tell you. Thanks for this. Hearing this, I've got one more reason not to wander down the boulevard in that direction. Inglewood is craze.

  3. Incredible band I just bought this 7" It's amazing.

  4. @ Rob:

    hab mir auch zeit gelassen aber inzwischen is die glaub ich ausverkauft! grindcore, power violence, was auch immer... hauptsache es knallt!

    @ Rob, RyGar, Ryan:

    I love their grindcore too! that's why their split with A.R.M. will be posted here soon!

  5. thanks for the great music i finaly made a blog let me know wht you think and anything i can do to make it better i will be adding my own stuff ofcourse
    ray ss

  6. I heard their split with Apathetic Youth a while ago and didn't think much of it, But this one is awesome! I might have to re-listen to the split

  7. The name seems a bit of a mis-match, which is why I think I ignored this band at first. But, I concur, this is great shit!

  8. Such a solid record.
    Crushing as fuck.