Thursday, March 19, 2009


as the fucking cunt that calls herself a doctor told me my girlfriend will be able to leave hospital tomorrow my mood's a little better today - so back to posting: MINDLESS MUTANT is a band I don't know that much about! I just bought their 7" cause it was released on 625 THRASH which normally means it's music that's right up my alley which is especially true for MINDLESS MUTANT. if I'm not mistaken then it's members of SPAZZ and LOOK BACK AND LAUGH showing you the fine art of badassness here! if that's true I'd say although LOOK BACK AND LAUGH is a great band in it's own right the members should invest more time in their side-projects cause it happens that those are brilliant bands that rip shit up! if you don't believe me listen to this little gem or get yourself ripped a new asshole by CALIFORNIA LOVE! fuck, I'd have nearly forgotten to tell you that they score extra points for the "Thug Life" artwork on the inner sleeve!


  1. Werde ich alt oder warum kann ich solche Cover nicht mehr ab...?

  2. cali love and lbal both rock didn't know they shared members with mindless mutant ty!

  3. 625 can`t be wrong !!! Hello Infest ??
    The right stuff for infestomaniacs like me !

  4. Hey pope's this are really good, thanks for upload.
    a question when upload you'r They Live - Blurred LP?

  5. @ Count Yorga:

    yup, die erinnern wirklich n bisschen an INFEST - aber es gibt ja schlimmeres!

    @ Krustie:

    Blurred isn't the THEY LIVE 12" it's a 7"! but it's their best stuff as far as I'm concerned!

  6. well if don't 12" are most easy upload or not?,jejejeje
    share it, please....Thanks in advance

    El Krustie!

  7. Cheers for sticking this up mint 7"!