Saturday, March 14, 2009


...this is a soundtrack that fits your mood! for reasons that won't be discussed here I'm in the Life sucks! mood at the moment and as usual that means GEHENNA's 1st 12" and HAMMERHEAD's 1st 12" are on heavy rotation here which translates to I don't really listen to anything else more or less but among the (few) exceptions are SOUL SWALLOWER's 3 track demo from 2005 and their 7" which was released on COLLAPSE REC. also in 2005 cause SOUL SWALLOWER's dirty, brutal, ugly and spiteful music sounds like it was especially made to be listened to if in such a mood! not even the, on the demo included, cover of YOUTH OF TODAY's EXPECTATIONS takes away only a little bit of SOUL SWALLOWER's harshness! as I found the demo somewhere in the depths of the web there's no artwork as I don't have that (hint! hint!)!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to this great band. and thanks also for reminding me that life does indeed suck!

  2. wow, this band is awesome. tthnx once again papst. don't you have something of hammerhead? would've awesome if you could upload some of them. thnx and cheers!

  3. @ Chris & R. Carter:

    bitte, gern geschehen!

    @ xhuguinx:

    if you're talking about the band mentioned in this post I've to tell you that I just took all the links down cause all their stuff was re-issued not that long ago!