Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've posted NO COMMENT's masterpiece, the DOWNSIDED 7", some time ago in spite of the fact that you can download their discography on nearly every 2nd blog cause I think the 7" has a better sound and hits a lot harder than the discography 12". this 7" doesn't have a better sound (if I'm not mistaken) but it has a track that was excluded from the discography (which most people don't seem to realize)! as the song SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES has pro-capitol punishment lyrics and the singer later realized how stupid that is the song was not included on the discography. which is a shame as an explanation that the lyrics are stupid and that they aware of the fact but included the track to show that one can progress wouldn't leave the foul taste of taking the easy way out, music-wise the track is classic NO COMMENT - 1st generation POWER VIOLENCE that takes no prisoners as are the other tracks on this 7" (that was released by NO COMMENT themselves in 1989 I think). and while COMMON SENSELESS is not as hard hitting as DOWNSIDED it still wipes the floor with most other records!


  1. I had plans to post this at some point but you articulated it perfectly. I love this record, and yes it is really stupid, but in the best possible way.

  2. thanks Aesop!

    a judgement like "articulated it perfectly" from someone I consider to be among the cream of the crop when it's about writing skills keeps me blogging!

  3. do you have their ep on noise patch too?
    never heard it, do you know if is it any good?

  4. @ Fibro:

    what's the name of that e.p.?

  5. this is the ep I mean: