Thursday, March 12, 2009


I posted FINAL DRAFT's 7" just a few days ago but as I had ripped their split with APATHETIC RONALD McDONALD (or A.R.M. in short) too I thought I should just follow up with it! you'll get 7 tracks from A.R.M. and 4 tracks from FINAL DRAFT and as both bands should be no strangers to you I'll leave it like that! oh, one thing I'd like to add is that I also think that FINAL DRAFT's 7" is better than their stuff here! click the cover!


  1. love the blog. i've discovered so much good music on here. thanks for that. any chance you've got the final draft / apathetic youth split?

  2. I already ripped the Final Draft / Apathetic Youth 7". I´m going to post it this weekend.

  3. @ SAVEADONUT...:

    ask Rob I don't have that split!