Thursday, March 12, 2009


I finally got my hands on a copy of LEGION's HELL AT LAST 7"! after this 7" was released LEGION changed/expanded their name to LEGION DCLXVI or LEGION 666 in short as there were some other bands that also called themselves LEGION. well, like the only band called GEHENNA that matters is from San Diego/U.S. the only band called LEGION that matters is from Toronto/Ca.! period! this is their 1st 7" released by UGLY POP in 1999 and their trademark, merging HARDCORE and BLACK METAL into a unique sound, can already be heard on this 7". of course here it's far from what they did on their brilliant last full-length but it's also far from being bad! actually it's really good especially when you consider the fact that this was their 1st 7"! another plus would be their radical anti-christian stance and the nice labels so don't hesitate and click the cover to download!


  1. You should try and get your hands on the brand new "NO TO" comp. where Legion do a awesome cover of the Germs "NO GOD". It's a one sided picture disk ltd. to 300 copies. You pretty much have to check out anything coming out on Schizophrenic Records lately. The "Toronto's Burning" comp. is amazing as well.

    Thanks for posting this great 7", probably the best thing to ever come out of Ugly Pop records.


  2. If you're interested in the "NO T.O." comp. I can probably help you out. I play drums in LEGION and I know we've got a few copies. Let me know! My email is

    "Black Goat Armageddon" was the first one I played drums on and we all think it came out well. I does have a bit of a different feel than the other records that's for sure.

    I did take a look through older posts and saw that you're also a fan of Countdown to Oblivion, another band I played drums in. Perhaps the reason you like BGA so much is because Katie (who wrote all the CTO songs and is currently in Brutal Knights) wrote a lot of the BSG songs and played mean guitar on that one. Unfortunately she has since left the band. Yes, Toronto is a very, very incestuous scene as you have written.

    Anyhow, thanks for the posts. Keep it up and let me know about that comp.

  3. Simon, thanks for the pointing me to that comp. sad but true SCHIZOPHRENIC's spamfilter hates me but as s.o. from LEGION themselves is now taking care of getting me one of those comps I should get one!

    b.t.w. thanks again ryan!