Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ages ago I made a post that had rips of all 4 REALITY compilations in one folder. as you may have guessed the bitrate and therefore the quality of those rips wasn't exactly brilliant so here's the REALITY PART #3 compilation 12" that features: LOS CRUDOS, INFEST, RUIDO, MK-ULTRA, BLACK ARMY JACKET, CHARLES BRONSON, DROPDEAD, PHOBIA, BENÜMB & HELLNATION amongst some others ripped with 320 kbits, with proper tags and including the lyric sheet!


  1. DL'ing right now :). Remember my request for Citizens Arrest's Colossus at 320? :D

  2. Coole Scheibe, nicht nur wegen Infest ;).
    Werde ich gleich mal ausgraben und auflegen.

  3. @ ...banger:

    I've already ripped it but as Darryl left a comment on another blog asking to take down the uploaded CxA stuff cause it will be re-issued soon I don't really feel like posting their 12".

    but I could trade you a copy of it in case you're interested?

    @ Count Yorga:
    nein, vor allem wegen MK-ULTRA, RUIDO, PHOBIA & BENÜMB!

  4. thanks for the artwork this time i am ripping vinyl and scanning artwork for my blog but its on a friends computer who doesnt have internet so i will post it when i get those files to my computer
    ray ss

  5. Jumped all over this one sir as the only one I have is part 4. This one reads like a who's who in PV and Grindcore. Just some trivia for ya, I went to school with Bob who runs the label and drums for Lack of Interest. Shameless name dropping. As always thanx for the time and effort this took.

  6. I bought a used LP copy of this record years ago, but it was missing the insert sheet. Thanks you!

    Your blog rules. I'd love to do a link trade. Check out my blog (No Funeral) and let me know.