Monday, April 6, 2009


if you ask yourself who the fuck is SICK/TIRED you could click on the pic below the download button which leads to their myspace page which is happy to tell you that: "Sick/Tired formed summer of 2008 in DeKalb, IL. Members have done time in Right To Remain, MK-Ultra, Layers of Twat, Weekend Nachos, Funeral Fuck Toy, Crazy Stallion, MZRCDXVL, Exalted, Inverted, Masters of Bation, Sexual Chocolate, etc. We have a 12 song demo tape that is now available and we are looking to play some shows." but I can tell you that that information is outdated! they have been in a studio and recorded 19 tracks for a 12" and are looking for a label that would like to release it! I uploaded 4 of the 19 tracks so you can hear for yourself that they are an awesome band! it takes SICK/TIRED about 25 min. to rush through 18 tracks of what is called, you guessed it FASTCORE nowadays. the last song is a little different as it's nearly 5 min long and has some sludgey parts but is apart from that as vicious as the rest of the tracks! but you wouldn't expect anything else after you've taken a look at those guys' biography! in case you now ask yourself why I don't release it on my label if they are really as good as I say? well, cause I don't have enough money at the moment! plain simple! but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy to throw in some money in case you've got a label, would be interested in releasing it but haven't enough money right now yourself! if that's the case contact me in all other things SICK/TIRED drop Kirk a mail, his e-mail address would be: or you contact them via myspace (remember - a click on the last pic will take you there?!)

to fucking late!
I'll do it myself!
don't you dare to complain,
you've had your chance!


  1. you had me at members of MK ultra lookin forward to checkin it out

  2. thanks for posting this. nobody has any idea who we are. if anyone wants to contact me, use the email address. i dont run the myspace.

    kirk MKU

  3. hey pope thanks for all the great stuff
    go to my blog for an rar of a new band called nibiru with members of plf and insect warfare they grind pretty hard
    ray ss

  4. Yo PapstMaster B...
    Here is my blog
    Add it and start following it. I'm going to put the SANGRAAL "Gemini Wars" demo cause I know you asked me about that a while ago. Also I just talked to one of the skull crushers from Malious Malificarum the other day. If I can I'm gonna try to see if he will let me post their demo tape. If he does I'll get my friend to help me digitally transfer the cassette.