Friday, April 3, 2009


ladies and gentlemen, AM I MEAN? proudly presents the NEON BITCHES demo! the NEON BITCHES are those 4 lovely gents on the pic above. well, you now may think that they look like a band that hasn't realized that the times of Woodstock are long gone and expect them to play some sort of Hippie music... if that's the case let me tell you: you're wrong!

I got this demo via e-mail from their singer Josh. he wrote that he sent me this cause I did some posts covering the works of his old band STRAIGHT TO HELL and as STRAIGHT TO HELL - Aaron Ulcer = NEON BITCHES he thought I maybe would like the NEON BITCHES demo as well and that was no bad guess cause I really like it! the 4 tracks are fast, they sound pissed off and they remind me of, you guessed it: STRAIGHT TO HELL... now, that was a just a joke as they don't sound as much like STRAIGHT TO HELL as one would expect especially asNEON BITCHES don't stray from the path that STRAIGHT TO HELL had taken before but the NEON BITCHES sound (intentionally) a lot more ROCK than STRAIGHT TO HELL ever sounded and even though Josh does a good job on the vocals his vocals sound completely different to the unique in sound and brutality vocals of Aaron, who's among my all-time-top-4-HC-singers (the other 3 would be Darryl of CITIZENS ARREST, John of NEGATIVE APPROACH, Mike of GEHENNA and the guy from HAYMAKER would be right behind on # 5! ). sure they don't reinvent the wheel if you've listened to their songs for several times start to recognize similarities but they show face and I guess they'll evolve into a band one should reckon with! sad but true: thel NEON BITCHES that aren't Josh hate these recordings and so the demo wasn't officially released yet and most likely it will never be! but as Josh is a cool guy who happens to like my blog and therefore decided to give me the recordings and the permission to post them here in case I like them (that translates to: if you got the demo from another blog they stole it here! ) so that at least some people get the chance to hear it! click on the pic below to download!

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