Tuesday, April 7, 2009


to praise Mr. Apocalypse cause he posted SANGRAAL's GEMINI WARS demo tape on his blog which I was trying to track down for 8 years without luck till now you got another GEHENNA, IRON LUNG, FALL SILENT, etc. related post: here's UGLY REFLECTION the 2nd and last 12" of Reno's VAE VICTIS. with the exception of their 2 tracks on the RENO - WHERE DREAMS COME TO DIE comp. 12" I think their entire discography should now be posted? it's a rather short one anyway those 2 compilation tracks, a split 7" with AHRIMAN, their 1st 12" and their 2nd full-length here. VAE VICTIS was born from the ashes of EVERSKWELCH (from which I never heard just a single track from). VAE VICTIS was active from 1997 until 2001. in their short lifetime VAE VICTIS managed to completely convince me that they are a really great band! they had dark lyrics, song titles like SLOW SUICIDE, over pounding drums and razor sharp guitars and of course the necessary METAL parts included in their song-writing to make it work!


  1. I've got all their records too and came to the same conclusion: great band! Thanks for once again saving me the trouble of ripping a good record!

    BTW, have you heard the new Walls record? Pretty good stuff...

  2. hi mete nice blog can we exchange links. cheers In grind we crust

  3. @ Marc:

    then you could rip the Reno - Where Dreams Come To Die comp. 12"? hehehe

    @ all:

    thanks for the comments! dr.grinder I will check your blog!

  4. I could do that! My copy is not in the best shape, but I'll give it a go.