Tuesday, April 21, 2009


actually the request just asked if I could add a track list but when I saw that it was just ripped with 128 kbits I made a new rip (with 320 kbits and properly tagged) and incl. the lyrics. I can't give you the whole artwork as I just have a self-made CD with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF's 1st MCD and the BLOWER / WADGE split CD on it. that's the reason the track numbers on the old post started with 12/33 which some other rips I d/l from other blogs happen to have in common with my old rip. just as the the 128 bitrate, hmmm... click on the cover to get to the re-up!

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  1. hey that was me
    thanks for this new rip and everytihng
    ray ss