Saturday, April 11, 2009


through confidential sources I got a rip of LEBENSREFORM's PUNKIN' tape from 1997. LEBENSREFORM were from Hamburg and part of what was called NORTHCORE by some. they shared memebers with LOXIRAN, LINSAY and others. their singer Gonzo also did a zine called HORIZONS. as you might be familar with them cause I've posted their 2 7"es, their split 7" with KINDLE and their split 5" with SLIGHT SLAPPERS before I'll leave it like that!


  1. Geilometer !! Das Tape kannte ich noch gar nicht. Leider hört man von denen gar nichts mehr.
    Du hast mir mit diesem Tape wirklich den Abend versüßt, haha.
    Dankeschön !

  2. I just got an email from Young GZ the other day. Dude... The world is fucking small.

  3. [X] Northcore brotherhood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. papst i,m looking for two old lost and found cd,s..profound effect-lashing out and prison-pogo tribe detection..if you can help me out that be cool.take it easy mate...bernardo
    nuclear farmed fuck frogs

  5. @ bernhard. Here comes the PE album for you.
    But hurry up, I have no premium account so the file will be able to load 10 times lol.

    If you think of the Prison "Discipline" album (thats the only Prison L&F album I know) I could make a rip for you too...

  6. @ Count Yorga:
    man hört evtl. nix mehr von ihnen weil sie sich vor ewigkeiten aufgelöst haben? wenn du aber die discographie meinst die doch nicht erschien kann ich dir sagen, dass die wohl auch nicht mehr erscheint...

    @ Rob:
    NORTHCORE BROTHERHOOD??? waren das nicht eher TAPPAT (a.k.a. die mit den lustigen texten)

    @ WC-Apocalypse:

    me too. that's the reason I posted this.

    @ bernard the frog:

    glad the Count took over cause I can't help you there, sorry!

  7. Das war damals alles zusammen. Tappat, Loxiran, Lebensreform, Providence, Free at last etc etc.
    Es gab auch 2 gleichnamige Festivals nördlich von Bremen. Ich muss glaube ich mal alle meine alten Fotos einscannen...

  8. ich hab noch irgendwo photos vom LOXIRAN abschiedskonzert aber das wars dann schon in sachen NORTHCORE.

  9. Das abschiedskonzert habe ich komplett gefilmt!
    Leider weiss ich nicht wie man soetwas digitalisiert...

  10. ich kann so ziemlich alles digitalisieren wenn du also hilfe brauchen könntest musst du nur was sagen.

  11. Count Yorga:
    thank you mate just grabbed the profound effect..was going from wot i could remember from the golden shower of 72 hits which i bought 14 years ago now gees! just picked up the Boulder - Ravage And Savage cd to which i,ve been playing non stop,thou the comp track was,nt on it,but awesome cd all the same...thanks for helping me out you rule
    bernard fuck frog

  12. Count Yorga:yers the link for the boulder cd if anyone can help or point me towards the track from golden shower comp(kill the captain)that be wicked..


  13. Thanks for the boulder link !
    Are you interested in the prison cd ?
    Can`t help you out with the golden shower compilation.

  14. sorry count yorga forgot to reply to your offer yeah diffo like too hear the prison cd,cheers mate...bernard

  15. Here you go....

  16. cheers yorga i,m playing it now..nice one..bernard.