Friday, February 27, 2009

L A G G I N G !

I know I'm lagging once again. an ill girlfriend and a stack of 19 12"es and 20 - 25 7"es that are (still) waiting for me and Chabo to finally give them a spin have kept me from blogging and continue doing so! in the meantime enjoy the re-ups!
edit: if you click on the pic above you can download my (very incomplete) trade & wantlist!

b.t.w. I strongly recommend that you buy the SHANK / THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE split 7" as long as you still got the chance cause it's brilliant! both bands doing a coversong (JUDGE & CITIZENS ARREST). there were just 300 made and word on the street is it won't be reissued ever again! the 1st 100 copies had a 2nd cover and some more gimmicks I think but as SCHIZOPHRENIC's spamfilter hates me I was to late for one of those but as I at least got the normal version I'll survive that!


Ray is still wearing the crown when it comes down to leaving comments! so here we go again!

click on this cover for CRUSHED BY ALE's demo!

a compilation of MASSGRAV's early stuff is waiting a click on the cover away!

and you can get an old German JAPCORE tape comp. by clicking on this cover!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ray, you snachted the crown for leaving the most comments on a single visit so here are some of the promised re-ups you requested (which took a little longer as expected as I had to rip them again 1st)!

click the cover for SLIME's 1st three records ripped with 320 kbits! each of them being a real classic!

click the cover here to download the (incomplete) BUTTOCKS' discography which is a timeless classic and also ripped with 320 kibts!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I've re-upped the ALONE IN A CROWD 7" and included the tracks that were on the CD re-issue cause I found them on the web! click the cover!


I've already written something about the ANb / INSECT WARFARE split 5" in an earlier post so I'll keep this one here short. I hadn't up-loaded/posted the music before cause you could still get the 5" then. but as it's sold out now and the guys from BROWNBROWN asked for a rip and as I had a rip I made for a friend anyway I decided to put it here too. you can get the tracks by clicking on the last pic!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


as it seems that a lot of visitors liked my DOPPELGÄNGER and PUNCH posts I thought I should continue with ROSENBOMBS as I think they share members with the before mentioned (in case of DOPPELGÄNGER I'm sure). they've split up already and just left 2 demos and this ass-kicking 11 song 7" released by 625 THRASH. ROSENBOMBS are fast & furious and blast through their 11 tracks, that have titles like "STAY HOME, KILL YOURSELF AND MAKE EVERYONE ELSE HAPPIER" at break-neck speed! what more can you ask for?


another piece of British brutality: the STALINGRAD / UNDER CLASS split 7". 3 tracks from STALINGRAD that were originally recorded for their 1994 demotape and 4 tracks from UNDER CLASS. it's kinda hard to share a split with STALINGRAD as your band will always be recognized as the weaker band (even the mighty VOORHEES suffered that fate) compared to the unbelievable brutality STALINGRAD's music displays. even though being in a no-win-situation UNDER CLASS, which come across way faster than their opponents, show that they've heart and fight tooth and claw to escape their fate but in the end they fail and STALINGRAD remain undefeated!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


the YOUR LAST RITES 7 track 7" released by DEADALIVE in 2002 is my favorite THE RITES release. in case you don't know: THE RITES is the brilliant band that features TEAR IT UP's drummer on vocals and knows how to kick some serious ass! fast, angry and dead aggressive HARDCORE that takes absolutely no fucking prisoners!


HOSTILE TAKEOVER is another band I don't know shit about! all I know is that this 8 track 7" on 625 THRASH fucking slays! period! can a band that has a song called "MY LIMP WRIST HOODIE GOT ME BEAT UP" be bad anyway?


Slobo asked me to re-up this one! as the 1st upload was ripped with only 128 kbits and also not tagged properly I re-ripped HARDCORE UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY with 320 kbits and tagged it properly!