Sunday, July 15, 2007

B A Y E R N C O R E pt. X

I saw WUTENTBRANNT, way back then called OFFER RESISTANCE, open for REVENGE & MIOZÄN and really liked them! sad but true WUTENTBRANNT haven´t left much information! there was this 9 song tape that was recorded in their rehearsal room, but then their original guitarplayer moved to hamburg and they didn´t practice for such a long time that even the people in the band couldn´t remember all songtitles! the tracks on the split 7" with SUBKUTAN and the tracks on the 3 AKKORDE FÜR DIE FREIHEIT 7" comp. have been taken from this tape! 2 years later, having asked them to play in my town more then once, I recieved a phone call from their bassplayer telling me that he just came home from their rehearsalroom and that they´d like to play! some months later one of their singers told me that they´ll record a 7" and a song for the PAYOLL BENEFIT comp. 7" on BAD INFLUENCE rec.! due to various reasons the 7" was never released and WUTENTBRANNT broke up! this is everything they ever recorded: the 9 song tape and the recordings for the never released 7" as well as the comp. track!



  1. is it possible to re-upload this 9 tracks demo?

    Thanks a lot

  2. visit my other blog: BAVARIAN MAYHEM there the link should be active!