Friday, July 13, 2007


the 9 track demo from 1989! why just 5 of the 9 songs were re-released on the A LIGHT IN THE DISTANCE 12" is something I never understood! another thing I never understood is why only 3 tracks of the CITIZENS ARREST performance on WNYU CRUCICAL CHAOS RADIOSHOW were re-released on the same 12"?
well fuck it, why should I care? I´ve got the complete demo & radioshow! so what?here YOU got the chance to listen to all 9 tracks!
line up on this tape was:
ted leo, vox
janis cakars, guitar
joe martin, bass
daryl kahan, drums

edit: CITIZENS ARREST - DEMO 1989 taken down cause you should by the 2 x 12" discography!

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  1. The file has been deleted.
    Could you re-up it, please?

    Thanks in advance.