Thursday, July 19, 2007


I love this 10" [and not just cause I`m on BEYOND DESCRIPTIONs thankslist!]! 7 tracks from nippons BEYOND DESCRIPTION, 5 tracks from DETESTATION... sad but true: the DETESTATION recordings are pretty weak when it comes to sairas vocals [a problem on all their releases]! BEYOND DESCRIPTIONs tracks have top notch sound! this was released on dutch WICKED WITCH rec. which had kind of a abc meets xyz series but BEYOND DESCRIPTION is the only band I know that was featured 2 times. there was a split 7" with the dutch band ABSCONDED before! [by the way, did you know that there´s a BEYOND DESCRIPTION / EXCREMENT OF WAR split 7"?]

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