Tuesday, July 17, 2007


as I stumbled over this split BATTLE OF DISAM 7" on 7"CRUST I was reminded that there should be some splits of BATTLE OF DISARM somewhere in my own collection! this is what I found:

the split 8 1/2" split flexi with MASSKONTROLL this was released on kellys CONSENS REALITY label and limited to 2000 copies. as the first 2 copies that I bought were fucked up there are just 1998 copies remaining! sound is pretty weak on this one!

the split with portugals SUBCAOS, which did a split with HIATUS too, was released on D.I.Y. rec. which was run by ruyji the singer of BATTLE OF DISARM, who had a really "cool" job, making a living of selling insects he was breeding in his flat! animal rights, hm... weak sound on this one too!

and finally the split with HYLKIÖ from finnland. released on D.I.Y. rec. too. [came with a big patch]! maybe I´ll upload the BATTLE OF DISARM demo somewhen...


  1. thanks for this pap! bring on the demo, pleaz.. :)

  2. reupload battle of diarm - hylkiö split