Thursday, July 19, 2007


a 7" comp. released on french BAD CARD rec. featuring HELLNATION, CORRUPTED,JEANXSEBERG, LACK OF INTEREST, EBOLA, HYBRIDE, REAL REGGAE and AUTORITÄR! 1 track by each band whith the exception of JEANXSEBERG who offer 2 tracks. one of their tracks is called HARE KRISHNA [satan or jesus / stupid bullshit (#4) you like krishna / you like satan / you like buddha /you like jesus / satan or jesus / stupid bullshit (#4)] as I don´t speak proper french I´m not sure if I did understand their explanations correct, but if I´m right those guys run their mouths on something they obviously know nothing about! satan or jesus - stupid bullshit...dumbass hicks don´t talk about satanism if you don´t know nothing about it! and as far as buddhism is concerned, buddhists try to become a buddha they don´t believe in a buddha like people believe in jesus you fucking idiots!

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