Thursday, August 2, 2007


as you know, I´m the pope so I´ve no problem with sin and shit alike! I´ll just forgive me and spare myself from punishment! that´s why the fact that it could seem like I forgot the downloadlinks for the D.S. - 13 6" and the CHOKEHOLD 7" shall stay unmentioned from now on as it can`t be true! doing otherwise would be considered an act of blasphemy and scorching in eternal flames will be ensured for whoever the sinner might be!
need somebody to cast the first stone? try me!


  1. hey Pope, cool blog, discovered some new [to me] bands and enjoyed some old faves I have on vinyl. Cheers, Corehead666

  2. vinyl is sacred my son! god hates "punks" who have file collections instead of record collections! those heretics will burn in hell! AMEN!