Sunday, August 19, 2007


CATHARSIS - one of my all time top 20 bands and without a doubt one of the bands with the biggest influence on HARDCORE in the 90ies! guess you wouldn't have heard of FREEGAN etc. if CATHARSIS / Brian wouldn't have told you! when they came on tour for the first time I drove 800 km to Bremen just to see them live! this is the demo [I've the original tape but as the quality of my tape has suffered over the years I ripped the demo from the EPONYMOUS CD which is a collection of their demo, their 7" and some more songs and all tracks played backwards at the end]! as the file would've been bigger than 100 MB I split into the "normal" songs (includes the CONFRONT coversong that caused some trouble back in the day) which you'll get through the link below and the backwards played version which you'll get through click on the cover above!

this is a rip from my 7" which is the best stuff CATHARSIS released in my book!! the songs are included in the file above but the artwork isn't! download this file if you want to see the artwork!

CATHARSIS' SAMSARA 12" is also a really great record and way above their 2nd full-length! a click on the cover will lead you to the artwork a click on the link below will lead you to the music. read the lyrics the play a big part in what seperates them from most other bands which is that if you're alive their music will make you feel something! if you don´t feel anything - you are already dead!


  1. Fucking wicked posts, I can't wait to hear the Demo. Thanks heaps. Great blog too.

  2. Thanks for the Catharsis stuff.
    Great blog!

  3. Pleaase man re-up the "Fall- Demo"...seems like 4share have blocked the download of something like that.
    PS. amazing blog,many thanks for Catharsis & Gehenna...


  4. @ g:

    yup, it's blocked till oct. 31 by divshare cause there are to many assholes out in the blogging universe that not only use other people's rips (which is fine with me as I ripped my stuff to share it) but use their uploads as well and as divshare decided to limit the download capacity..