Monday, August 20, 2007


I´ve my doubts that this is what people outside the "scene" would consider popular music! ok, there is some influence from jazz and there is some weird shit going on in this spastic gind´n´blastbeat mayhem that EAST WEST BLAST TEST deliver, but popular music means something else, at least as far as my ears are concerned! maybe it´s a spelling error? maybe the title should´ve been popular peoples´music for unpopular peoples´ ears or something like that? you know, this is a dave witte / chris dodge colaboration! and those guys played in bands like you know which and had record labels like you know which and wrote / write for zines like you know which together with you know who! hm, I like this album BUT sometimes it feels like we´re talking BACKSTREET BOYS...
this is the 2nd version: remastered and more tracks!

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