Monday, August 20, 2007


this is the cover of the 1st edition - unbelieveable ugly! but as dave witte and chris dodge are big shots in what you call "scene" you might have seen this elsewhere! so the main reason for this posting is to prove you that the 2nd edition has the better cover and to tell you that there´re 4 songs more! and I´d like to add that if the first part of this posting has hurt your feelings I suggest you cry me a river or [prefered] commit suicide [suicide would be great as this is considered a major sin and I´m sure eternal scorching in flames is what you deserve! you fucking F A N!]!
and now to something else...
as I´m not to much into SLUDGECORE I just posted the PHOBIA songs of their split with CORRUPTED so ANALnymos left a comment that said: "bring the CORRUPTED tracks" now listen fuckface: who the fuck do you think you are? and what / who the fuck do you think I am? I´m NOT your fucking dog, slave, nigger [hu, he did it - used the n-word! ah, he´s german... what a fucking nazi!], servant, or student! scroll down to the bottom and read what´s written above the sigil of baphomet - it reads NON SERVIAM! - now tell me which part you don´t understand? I´ve got these records and I don´t have to rip & upload them so that YOU can enjoy them too! I can listen to ´em whenever I want! I do this cause I want to! you don´t have to worship me [hm, depending on who you are...maybee you should worship me], but if you want something from me you should treat & approach me like you would like to be treated & approached yourself! so why don´t you spend less time in front of your pc and use the saved time to learn some respect or at least get some education so you´re able to form a fucking normal question when expressing your wants! ["the question is: is our children learning?" george w. bush - u.s. president & grammar genius!]
and last but not least:
don´t you ever dare asking me to upload some stupid, retarted, shitty PORNGRIND!

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