Friday, August 31, 2007


take a close look on the cover! wouldn´t it be nice for your ego if you could say you have been involved in doing a zine like this?

it´s sad but true: till now, nobody asked to do a zine together with me! what are you afraid of? believe me doing a zine with me is fun and it´s safe for you as the little retards who´ll dislike us for things said in the zine will hate me more than you! period!
so com`on, let´s rape the sorry punk movement and have ourselves some fun!
hm, or maybe you don´t have anything to say?
well, never mind - most people haven´t anything to say ...why should it be different inside the "hc-scene"? do you really think people got more to say just because they copy political slogans from record covers, zines, etc.?
then let me tell you: you´re wrong the opposite is true! and no, it wasn´t diffrent way back when! while I flipped through my zines I found one that featured E.N.T. and various nazibands. now, will you tell me that the editores got the point E.N.T. tried to bring across? my mate bob, you might know him as he sings for DROPDEAD, told me a story that while they toured in europe, they crashed in some guys house in italy who told ´em constantly what a big FAN of DROPDEAD he is and then offered ´em pasta and chicken for diner! seems like he really understood what DROPDEAD are about! for fuckfaces like that wussy all the FANzines are published - to establish new idols that can then be worshiped by idiots and if they´re even to stupid for kissing ass they can uphold the myth of living a life of their own by listening to some damn fast music and fuck shit up in the pit! the mind is like a parachute - it works better when it´s open [same is true for your ass]! now, prove me wrong! show me you got something to say or at least do as I do and start harrasing others so it looks like you got something to say!


  1. well Pope when you upload some recording from EBOLA? at minute i have only 5 tracks from they's. can upload please men?
    Thanks in advanced

  2. can´t say! have to rip it first and a lot to do...sorry.AMEN!

  3. well take your time i knowledge wait!!!