Monday, August 6, 2007


thought about giving these to mr. 7"crust for his crust-demos blog but as I have no covers or other infos I put it up here... WARSORE from down under and EXCRUCIATING TERROR from the u.s. of a. should both be no strangers to you...


  1. Hey bro, just to let you know that is not the excruciating terror demo. That's some other band. I have the demo and that is not E.T vision of terror demo.

  2. hm, interessting... got this as the e.t. demo and never doubted! does anyone know who this is?

  3. that has been passed around on soulseek for awhile now. I have no idea who that band is or etc. If you want a copy of it let me know and i can send ya a copy

  4. if you´re talking about the e.t. demo than yes I´d like to have that! send it to oh, b.t.w. I didn´t get this via soulseek!

  5. hey bro i will send out that demo tomorrow to your email sorry been busy i will ripp the demo tonight.

  6. so did you ever find out what that demo really is
    anyway can yo please pleasere up the warsore
    i love warsore though i only got a 7''
    ray ss