Friday, August 10, 2007


this is the complete 47 song discography of DIR YASSIN from israel. musicwise you have 2 vocalists screaming over a wall of raging hc - 47 songs say it all! for more infos go here


  1. Thanks. I kept missing buying their records and tehy seemed to go out of print pretty quick.

  2. cheers, read interview with them ages ago but never saw any records, will be interesting to finally hear them! DANKE!

  3. i got a 7'' i would have more but i alway put off buying there stuff cuz i saw it in lots of distros and it always lingered i thought well i can buy it later then someday they all dissapeared oh well thanks for this
    before dir yassin most members ifnot all were in a band called nekhi naatza i am sure i mispelled it but its close they had a 7'' and lp on beer city records and skateboards but i dont thing i got em, i definatley have a good comp 7'' on beer city called breaking the cultural curfew with all israeli bans and n n have one song i htink
    ray ss