Friday, May 9, 2008


one of my all time fave records is the DROP DEAD / CROSSED OUT split 5"! this 5" is packed with rage 110% no matter if it´s the 6 DROP DEAD tracks or the 4 CROSSED OUT tracks! all killers - no fillers! the only sad thing about this 5" (and most 5"es in general) is that it´s difficult to place the needle on the little fucker! that´s why there´s some awful noise on the beginning of the 1st DROP DEAD song!


  1. Those were the days...
    I love crossed out :-)
    B.t.w. what happend to Slap A Ham ???
    I know the 5 Inch Problems but i`ve got the Slight Slappers 2" and it`s impossible to play, haha. I guess there is nothing on this record :-( but i fucking love it.
    Count Yorga

  2. ne 2"...ähnlich grossartig wie die SPAZZ 1"! super erfindung! und der sound erst wenn die 1" od. 2" auf 33rpm läuft - unschlagbar!

  3. This little platter is one of the best and most efficient uses of wax ever! Sweet, Sweet Violence!!!

  4. Yes I think so. Best shit ever. But strangely I must have forgotten about this shit because it's been several years since I put it on last time...

  5. shame on you Mr. Burgher! well, I have to admit that I don´t play the 5" very often too as it´s such a pain in the ass to get the needle on the DROP DEAD side which is very sad as the music is so awesome!

  6. no offence but this fukin sucks hard,,poor sound poor musicianship its alla around garbargs,

  7. @ cory:
    ??????? I agree that the sound could be better, but poor musicianship? it´s DROP DEAD and CROSSED OUT! and I´ve never before heard anyone into HC/CRUST/etc. who referred to either one of the 2 bands as garbarge! whatever, not everyone likes the same bands/music/etc...
    I like... you don´t... so what?