Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Rodrigo was nice enough to send me this link of ANARKITRAN and this is what they say about themselves: ANARKITRAN, is born summer of the year 2001, the idea was simple, to do GRINDCORE, but with enough "pichanga" and mosh. With the passage of time to have a track list considerable that to do our first presentations in alive, where the response of the people was comforting enough. Since the scene GRINDCORE, in our region, was almost void. To measured of the year 2002 we record our promotional, demo "ACTITUD BIZARRA" who consists of 19 courts of chilean GRINDCORE!


  1. Hi man! I'd like to share my blog with yours. Tks!

  2. Pope I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but will get to it.

    I did want to take this chance to let you and Mr. Burgher know that on both Only In It... and Punk Is Hippies you can only comment if you have a Blogger, Wordpress, etc. account. If you guys could make them open it would be much easier to comment and there have been several times that I have wanted to make a comment there. Thanx.

  3. Thanx for fixing the comments sections guys so that idiots like me can put in our two cents. Dig these guys by the way. Thanx for your time and energy Pope and be careful who you get your tattoos from.

  4. This Staff band are from my country ($hile) and so are one the best Grindcore band from Local Scenne. well, too are a nice friends group, people with social compromises.

  5. @ krustie:
    I can imagine that they are one of the best local bands as they really kick ass! and if the people in the band are cool as well, then that´s even better!

  6. Hi "xoros"

    Thanxs for you support!!!

    Anarkitran is only 4 drunkermoshers


    See you!!!

    Ahi se ven!!!