Friday, May 2, 2008


daniel send me an e-mail and wrote:
hello. my name is Daniel Catarino, and I released an album through the internet, I was wondering if you could put the link in your blog. thank very much. all the Best Daniel
and then came this:
Once in a while, there is an album with such rawness that it becomes almost irresistible. This doesn't happen often, but it's certainly what can be found in this "Handmade Music 1999-2003" EP, by Daniel Catarino, in this case under the alias Long Desert Cowboy.From the raw tape recordings of the opening and closing titles, to the aesthetical beauty of "Sacred Vows of Mother Earth" and the melodic growth of "Poor But Honest", this album, recorded, according to the author, from the age of 16 to his 20th birthday, is not a work of perfection, but it shows an immense creativity and a desire to turn simple melodies into instrumental songs.Those who are familiar with Long Desert Cowboy's previous works, will certainly notice obvious differences when compared to the "horror-spaghetti" ambience of the debut EP's "Sandshoes" and "Western Spaghetti", since it's more of a rock record than a ambient/field recording exercise. Nonetheless, some of the present characteristics are there, and it cannot be an act of randomness.It is important that you don't let this album slip through your fingers without listening to it. Carlos Gonçalves
myspace / the website

to be honest I don´t know why I got this? I don´t see the connection between my blog and this. ok, maybe this is underground and/or independent and self-released but in these days there is many music that is released in a d.i.y. way but most of that stuff isn´t accompanied by promotion shit like: once in a while, there is an album with such rawness blablabla... (and b.t.w. I can´t hear any rawness at all here!) to be honest I didn´t listen to much more then what is on the myspace page but as I hate any instrumental music that´s not classic I wouldn´t be into this no matter how they sound anyway! but even if it wouldn´t be instrumental I ´d still think that this is boring and the promoshit makes it loose the last bit of sympathy! if anybody is really interested send me an e-mail and I´ll send you the download link I got.


  1. 2 years ago some band did a similar marketing stunt - emailing lots of blogs to offer links and stuff and many bloggers fell for it (including me, I think).

    turns out the band were what you could call "current" or "popular" "alternative" "indie-pop", ok there's nothing wrong with that -but most blogs targetted in marketing campaign where crust hardcore noise blogs!

  2. and what do we learn from this?

    if you think you need a p.r. - manager make sure he knows what he´s doing and is not so off the fucking track than this guy!

    you won´t do your band a favor if you address just the wrong crowd!