Saturday, May 3, 2008


...I´d re-up TOXOPLASMA´s and CANAL TERROR´s debut 12" for him before the new rules have been passed but as this 2 records are what you´d call classics and are out of print for years anyway I can keep my promise without "breaking the law". which wouldn´t be so much drama at all as rules are just made to be broken and I´m pretty good in sparing myself from punishment. both have been originally released on AGGRESSIVE ROCKPRODUKTIONEN a.k.a. AGR in the 80ies when AGR was one of Germany´s best PUNK labels. later K. Walterbach, the guy behind the label, decided that he could make more money with HEAVY METAL and stopped releasing PUNK records (he released important bands like HELLOWEEN instead!). in the end of the 90ies there was a limited re-release of CANAL TERROR´s ZU SPÄT 12" on a small German label (sorry can´t remeber the name of the label at the moment. I think it was BARBAREN MUSI but I not 100% sure) with one extra track that might be added somewhen here!


  1. Mega giga thanx! Herzlich bedankt!
    I always wantd to hear more CANALTERROR since I had this track on the "Bollox to the Gonads" comp, "Sausbauch" (probably it was the bonus track on the reissue you mention?) with its rough German Aussprache. I found later that the riff is pretty similar to the one in Slime's Bullenschweine, maybe that's the reason why they left that song out from the LP (my guess anyway).
    About Toxoplasma, if I remember well there were plans of a reissue by Weird System but I don't know if it came to reality; they've been announcing a reissue of Abwärts Amok Koma since 1990 or so and I'm still waiting! haha (thankfully I found that GEM in the web some years ago)
    Thanks again, cheers

    Fernando :))))

  2. no problem! yup, you guessed it that bonus track is Saufbauch.

    uh, ABWÄRTS Amok/Koma is really horrible! I´ve the 12" still lying around somewhere but I hate it!

    I don´t know anything about a re-issue of TOXOPLASMA stuff. they are still around after having reformed in the early 90ies and are releasing a record worser than the one the year before since that time. there´s a boot 7" with their demo but that´s the only good TOXOPLASMA record besides the 1st 12".

  3. No! Amok Koma is a Meisterwerk! I love their obvious influences (Wire, XTC, Neu!, Feelies...) so I'm guessing you don't like those either? Well, de gustibus non est disputandum
    Sad about Toxoplasma. Those bands reunions usually don't work well, indeed
    Recently we've had a couple of reunions in Barcelona, Subterranean Kids and L'Odi Social... I hope they don't make new records! haha
    Fernando :)

  4. ah, the romans are back! well, quod licet iovi non licet bovi!

    you´re right...wire, xtc, etc. and most of the u.k. 77 sound aren´t made for my ears.

    TOXOPLASMA reformed when some sort of DEUTSCHPUNK revival was going on in germany which became so ridiculous you wouldn´t believe it without seeing it yourself. that was when I learned to hate other punks by working as security on some of their shitty all-star tours. the only thing good was I got paid for punching some of those fucks in the mouth!

  5. Amok Koma is a classic !!! The only good Abwärts LP but I love it! :-)
    Canal Terror was re-released by Suppenkazpers Noise Imperium (but I´m not sure)

    Count Yorga

  6. buy the Count a beer! he´s right on the re-issue of CANAL TERROR. that was in fact done by Suppenkazpers Noise Imperium.

    b.t.w. the Amok/Koma 12" is such a classic every time I try to listen to it I fall into a classic coma! ok, I admit this was a lie as I never listen to it!
    anyone who wants to have it? offer trades via e-mail!