Sunday, May 4, 2008


Mitchel wrote: Hello there, Your blog rules! I saw sometime last year you uploaded a split 7" between They Live/Countdown To Oblivion. I really enjoyed having the They Live tracks to put on a cd, I already had the vinyl. I have uploaded the mp3s of They Live's 625 7" titled A Taste Of The Good Life, I figured you might want to post it on your page. Extremely punishing, brutal hardcore! really great idea to send me those files as I really love THEY LIVE. but as we got new rules I did a little research on the web first and it seems like this 7" is sold (just 1000 were made) and so I decided to put it here!


  1. Ahh, that rules! I have a ton of really hard to get releases that I haven't even put up on my blog yet and figured you'd like them too!

    I know you're a fan of Citizen's Arrest, so heres some uploads of Daryls other band, Forced Expression. All releases are out of print or unreleased-
    Forced Expression- s/t 7"

    Forced Expression/Apartment 213 7"-

    Forced Expression/Avulsion 7"-

    And this is something pretty interesting-
    LACK OF INTEREST- Unreleased album-
    Trevor from Scalplock (the one that did an EP on Satans Pimp) does vocals! Impossible to find!

    I hope you enjoy!

    Do you by any chance have Suppressions discography cd?

  2. mitchel once again I´ve to say thank you!

    I got the FORCED EXPRESSION stuff myself but as I´d have ripped them sooner or later anyway you spared me some work! :-)

    I didn´t know that there is something like an unreleased LACK OF INTEREST album! can you give me more infos on that one?

    I guess you´re talking about this SUPPRESSION cd?


  3. I figured you'd have the FE 7"s but thats okay! Less work for you!

    This album was recorded in 1998 with Trevor Fairbanks(Scalplock/Peter Mangalore) and then him and LOI had some sort of fight and he left the band and the album was snuffed and no one ever heard it. Unfortunately for lots of fans it still is unreleased and will probably never see the light of day. Just like the Crossed Out/Slave State LP that never came out. A fucking shame!

    The Suppression link didn't work. :-( Is there anyway you could upload that again? I know Ryan who is in Suppression (and DArkest Hour) awesmome dude. I love this band.

    More uploads-
    Heist- blasting, fastcore from Perth, Austrailia. Members of Nailed Down and Rupture.

    Bloodstained EP

    Heist - Pain is Causing Life EP

    Knuckle Scraper- Beau from Insect Warfare, Alex from Hatred Surge and Mikey from 50/50 come together to form this ultimate trio that plays some of the best new-wave powerviolence.

    Max Isn't The Bastard

    Hope you like these contributions!

  4. and once again: THANKS!

    write me an e-mail and I´ll send you a new link for the SUPPRESSION cd!
    I decided to that I won´t upload stuff that´s still available without the band´s or label´s permission on my blog!

    look here for more about that:

    but that doesn´t mean I wouldn´t upload it for someone like you! feels like trading tapes in the old days!

  5. this is some good shit. would you have their LP ripped as well? thanks again.

  6. yup, got the 12" but as it´s still available I won´t upload it! but the split 7" with COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION (which is way better than the 12" anyway) is up here somewhere!

  7. any chance of re-upping this?

  8. @ backstabber:

    honestly speaking - I don't know?

    it wasn't my rip and so the files might have died when my HD fucked up! but if you're lucky I'll still have the CD I made or the files on an external HD... I'll look for them!

  9. i would love to hear this, i dont go to too many blogs but maybe if someone finds it elsewhere point mein the right direction
    ray ss