Friday, May 9, 2008


Bernard asked me in a comment if I got anything from Berlin´s MALINHEADS, that was kind of funny as I was preparing some MALINHEADS for posting while he asked. this is their 1st 7" from 1983 on Berlin´s POGAR records (which did the V.K.J. 2 x 7" too). as there are some rumors that there were just 50 copies made with the cover you see above I did a little research on the web, but all I found out was that the above cover is the cover of the 1st press and the cover on the right is the cover of the 2nd press. if anybody can tell me more about this write a comment! musicwise MALINHEADS were faster then most other German bands from the same time and had English lyrics (but used German for the title of the 7") as they had heavy influences from DISCHARGE and other U.K. bands from that time! their influences are plain to see in the name of their songs ( WARGAMES), too! and in case you don´t know: the title of the 2nd song BECKS & SEX (or BEX & SEX on the 2nd press cover) relates to German Becksbier!


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  2. Hi Papst,

    Is there anything more from Malinheads, out this 7"??

    Ah, do you know a german band called Kommerzinfart (or some like this, I don´t really remember the correct name)??

    Big thanks for any infos!!

    Yours blessing Pope!

  3. MALINHEADS have a 2nd 7" (which´ll be posted sooner or later, too) and a split 12" with (I think) M.V.D.

    all I know is that there was/is a German band called KOMMERZINFARKT but I´ve never heard anything from them, sorry!

  4. About the different covers, check the old web:
    and look for Malinheads in the bands list. There's the story of the 2 covers (auf Deutsch).
    The discography you mention (2 eps, 1 split LP w/ MVD) is exactly what is listed in the Berlin Punk Bible that comes with that Weird System 2LP comp (Wenn alles kaputt dann wir spass)
    I like this band, possibly not very original but powerful like a punch in the face! One ofthe first German HC bands I heard (in We dont want your fxxing war (or law)! comp, 20-odd years ago. It'd be nice if you post their other stuff! And I love Becks bier! :D


  5. Thanx for infos Papst! I´m waiting the next Malinheads posts!!!!

    Yeah KOMMERZINFARKT! I heard it so much years ago in cassette. Very good!! If someone has any stuff let me know.


  6. @ fernando:
    thanks for the link! the German story says that the rumors are true. as the cover wasn´t ready when needed they did 50 with this cover!

  7. There´re some Kommerzinfarkt´s mp3s available for download in

    It´s not d-beat(hummm) but they make a sound at least interesting, a few melodic and well worked.

  8. @ dan:
    thanks for the link! will check them out when I find the time!

  9. as according to A. Crowley everybody is a star being one myself is no big deal for me!

  10. hi, I'm the original drummer of the band and the one who actually made the first cover (because we did not get our shit together in time for printing. that's true).

    after I left the band in 1983, they continued with kelly on drums and released a second single.

    remember that we were 15 and 16 years old at the time of the recording so there is just not that much material.

    we actually re-united for a private jam session in 2008 and still hope to be playing out again soon...

  11. @ pirco:

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!