Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hamburgs RAZORS were one of Germany´s 1st PUNK bands back in 1979. their official discography states 3 7"es, the BANNED PUNX 12" and their full length. however there are some tape only recordings like this 11 tracks that were recorded live in their rehearsal room in 1985 with a new singer (their original singer disappeared in the 80ies, so Lui from PUNKENSTEIN / NAPALM did the vocals on BANNED PUNX, but showed up again years later when RAZORS reformed and released a new 7"). the quality isn´t top notch but when you care about soundquality on recordings like this - you are a fucking idiot anyway! period and end of essay!


  1. I have the Razors' first LP and it's great fun trying to recognize the total rip-offs of lyrics they make, like "Wasted life" by SLF in the imaginatively titled "Wasted life" (different music though), a couple of verses from Clash's "Londons burning" in "Subway" repeated ad infinitum, and so on. There's a Wire ripoff there too, of Pink flag (the song) or Reuters, don't remember now. Well, Razors weren't the most original band in the world but funny and enjoyable at times. In fact I like those songs, specially Wasted life has a great riff. My opinion anyway. I gotta hear that 12" you posted here (I know only the track in the "Paranoia..." comp) and now this tape. Thanks again!
    Fernando :)

  2. I´ve posted there 2nd 7" somewhere here too! the 1st might follow...

    you´re right - they weren´t the most original band but still great!

  3. so schööne leckere sachen
    ...ssoo scheiß sound
    aber nicht wegen altem tape
    keine soundkarte?
    entrauscht mit falschem programm?
    nero vielleicht?
    schade! aber wenigstens mal gehört