Monday, September 1, 2008


truth be told FACE VALUE´s COMING OF AGE 6 song 7" is the the light in darkness that FACE VALUE are on their other releases. sure they managed to pull of 1 or 2, maybe even 3 decent songs on their 12" e.g. but those few decent moments are not really worth to sit through the awful rest of the record while being tortured by their guitar player, if you happen to be a masochist... hmmm? anyway, on this 7" things are different! this is fast, ugly and angry CLEVO-CORE! even though their lyrics cover everything that makes the world go round for your typical run-of-the-mill S.E.-kid ( they manage to somehow sound "dirty"! I`m aware of the fact that dirty isn´t used that often to describe a S.E.-band but here it fits!


  1. thanks papst, always nice to listen to cleveland hardcore!

  2. Clevo!!!! All hail the City that I grew up east of and now live to the immediate southeast of!!!

    The days of Wax Stacks/Ultrasound Records in Mentor on Mentor Ave will not be forgotten!!!!

  3. i like face value but couldn't really get into the drum beat.
    it takes away the power a fast part should have.

    i really like "gordon solie motherfuckers" being the best of erbas other bands to me.

  4. Face Value rule, at least on their 7"s. "Kick it over" was for them what "How we rock" was for SSD.