Monday, September 1, 2008


to stupidity is what you get here! STATEMENT have been on the forefront of the HARDLINE movement, together with RAID and VEGAN REICH and I guess the are among the bands that the members of EARTH CRISIS would name as their influences. music-wise this 7" that was released on HARDLINE REC. isn´t that far from EARTH CRISIS even though STATEMENT haven´t been as METAL as EARTH CRISIS, you can even hear some parts that are PUNK once in the blue moon! the sad part of this 7" is that lyric-wise STATEMENT chose to, you guessed it, spread their "militant" HARDLINE bullshit ideology (which includes homophobia and other stupidity that you couldn´t tell from their lyrics)! as they had lyrics like "...WHEN I SEE THE NAZI SCUM TUMBLE, FOR THEN I KNOW TO INFLICT PAIN..." HARDLINE was hip in Europe all of sudden, but somehow many of the people labeling themselves HARDLINE didn´t understand that STATEMENT / HARDLINE referred to carnivores as nazi scum and here and there people weren´t that happy with their HARDLINE tattoos anymore that they couldn´t get quick enough before! (TINY GIANTS anyone?) when I bought this 7" I knew nothing about HARDLINE and since after reading their militant lyrics I considered them a joke till I got more infos on HARDLINE and their narrow-minded point of view! since then I`m convinced they´re a gang of posers and full of shit! if anyone has a story of any HARDLINEr who lifed up to the militant bullshit they always talked about I´d love to hear it! and just in case you haven´t figured out for yourself till now let me tell you that no one with a mental capacity above that of an average doorknob would consider their lyrics reasonable or even get the idea they might be worth a 2nd thought (with the exception of doing so for entertainment´s sake)!


  1. Hehe, Statement ! Oft verhasst, aber ich mag diese EP und den ganzen Statement Kram. War ja ein Ein-Mann Projekt vom Apostles Drummer (glaube ich). Die Lyrics sind sicher nicht so ganz der Hit aber da hat man sich damals als Vegetarierer nicht so die Gedanken gemacht :-).
    Raid und Vegan Reich kamen soundtechnisch auch ganz gut rüber.
    BTW hast Du die Tiny Giants EP ? ich habe nur die 10". Gab damals eine Menge netter deutscher NYHC Bands.

  2. naja, hab mir damals schon gedacht, dass man es mitbekommen würde wenn sie ihren hohlen phrasen taten folgen lassen würden...

    RAID & VEGAN REICH fand ich noch nie besonders toll.

    nö, hab auch nur die 10" und die BAND TOGETHER 12" Comp. da sind sie auch vertreten.

  3. hmm sowas koennen auch nur amis bringen. eine andere etwas unbekantere band des genres habe ich hier gefunden:

  4. wobei statement eigentlich keine hardline band im eigentlichen war, da rat andere ansichten z.b. in bezug auf abtreibung und homosexualität hatte als es die hardline anschauung vorschrieb.

  5. It should be noted that Statement broke from the label "hardline" as a result of the homophobia issue, as Statement was not homophobic. I believe one of their split releases was with a queer punk band.

  6. They weren't homophobic but they were meatphobic. It would be better two carrots in the cover instead of threating guns...