Thursday, September 18, 2008


Stewart, who does the SEEING RED blog asked me if I could write a review of his band´s demo, that was uploaded on his blog. I agreed without having downloaded / heard the demo before! when I took a look at their myspace site I found the following reviews which were done by themselves quite obviously: "I can make better music scraping my dick across a cheese grater while sitting on the toilet with a case of explosive diarrhea and deep throating the mic." * "I would rather listen to soulja boy." * "wow this band sounds exactly the same as Bre shooting her son in the face and fucking the wound." * "Sounds like the guy singing is getting a fat cock stuck up his ass" * Fuck, this Fucking sucks fucking ass, FUCK! *"The vocals sounds just like the cat I ran over the other day. Only the cat had the decency to die where you keep shitting spewing noise." * "I would suck a dick if i never had to hear it again." after downloading the demo I recognized that it was ripped with 128 kbits in mono and now I wonder if this band isn't just a lame joke! I feel somehow reminded on the HIMMEL HAST DU KEINE FLINTE comp. that a German record label released 10 years ago which was supposed to be the compilation with the worst bands around. in case of that comp. 2/3 of the bands were fairly well known bands, like EA80 e.g., under a different name and the rest of the "bands" were also just meant as jokes. as I said I'll write a review, I'll give them the credit of the doubt and treat them like I'd treat any other band which brings us straight to the 1st point that catches my attention in a negative way and that's their name! even when R.O.T. in their case stands for RETURN OF TERROR, the Brazilian ROT are an established band and as you wouldn't call your band DEAD KENNEDYS or SLAYER, you shouldn't call it ROT neither!
as Stewart has shown on his blog that he's good at doing graphics more often than once, it's no big surprise that the demo comes with a decent looking cover but not much more! as the 1st copy I downloaded is in my car I just downloaded a new one, which just has 5 tracks and not 7 like the 1st and lacks the statement that this demo is free to be uploaded on blogs, etc. that I think came with the 1st one! the lyrics are up on their myspace site and even though they're far from groundbreaking they aren't bad either. oh, and they got a line in their lyrics that says: "in humanity is what we believe" as that's diametrical opposed to my believes my impression of the lyrics might be just from a complete different point of few!
b.t.w. I'd be careful with that as that means that anybody could upload your stuff anywhere and that includes NAZIsites, N.A.M.B.L.A. sites, etc.
if you got the 7 track version of the demo it has a playing time of something like 6 min and songs between 5 sec and 2.18 min and suffer from the 128 kbits mono rip! why a band would do something like that is beyond my imagination (well, not really, but as I said I'll give them the credit of the doubt...)! ok, it's just a demo and studio time isn't cheap and I've heard recordings done with a cassette recorder that sounded quite ok but if you rip those recordings in mono and such a low quality: forget it! if you want to pull off 5 seconds long songs good sound-quality is of utmost importance as that's what decides if a listener can recognize that 5 seconds as a song or not. and as important as that is that your songs have something like a structure which I couldn't find in any of the really short songs. could have something to do with the quality...
in case this wasn't meant as a joke I feel sorry but honestly speaking I completley disagree with you on the point that "you've your shit together now" and suggest that you should spend most of your time in your rehearsal room for the next months!
I know how what I wrote sounds to someone who just started with his band. well, let me tell you this: if you've heard HELLSAW, that was the band before AGATHOCLES, you know for sure that you can't judge a band from the very beginning when the people involved haven't played in other bands before!